The Celtic Druid Temple and Ireland's Druidschool hold an open and free ceremony at 8pm on Tara in Co Meath and also at 8pm at Temple Crom in Co Roscommon for every Full Moon. We invite support from all who care for the sacredness of the land and the temples of our ancestors. Both Full Moon Celtic Ceremonies are open to all and are free of charge - for dates please see our Printable 2016 Celtic Druid Temple Almanac at the end of the home page.

We also offer Celtic Ceremony to honour the important stages in life such as birth, marriage and death. We hold other ceremonies but we do not often make them public. Further information is available under the Services tab above.
The Summer Solstice is a public celebration of our Celtic Culture at Ireland's premier sacred site. In 2005 we lifted the "curse of the priests" and in 2006 we celebrated our Celtic Inheritance. Many gather together on Tara at the Summer Solstice to honour the White Mare Goddess and to celebrate our Celtic Culture and Heritage. The Celtic Druid Temple also holds a Pilgrimage on the Summer Solstice in the west of Ireland to climb our Holy Mountain Croagh Crom aka the Reek.
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Our ceremonies are held in Celtic Irish (and in English) and our students are trained (in pronunciation / phonetics and the correct procedure) for our solar and lunar rituals through our Homestudy Course. A Celtic Calendar based on the Sunrise over the Volcano in Dublin Bay called Lambay Island that clearly shows us the Ancient Eightfold Solar Year of the builders of the massive passage Cairns such as Newgrange and Sliabh na Callighe is shown below. It is believed that the Tuatha De Dannan built these temples to compensate for a fall in the life force.
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