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Sub title - Imbas and Awen symbol as living geometry

Universal Astrology is a study of mine for over 30 years. I share this basic understanding -
Uni - versal Astro - logy =
Uni = Single
Versal = Curve
Astro = Stars / Planets that shine
logy = knowledge
Universal Astrology - Single Curve Knowledge of the Stars and Planets that shine.

It cannot be a fixed knowledge as the stars and planets move. This is called sidereal time. The info below gives detailed info on this idea in relation to the four brightest stars in the belt of the Zodiac -

ANTARESConstellation: Alpha ScorpiusLongitude 1900: 08SAG22.Longitude 2000: 09SAG46.Declination 1900: -26.13'.Declination 2000: -26.26'.Right ascension: 16h29m.Latitude: -04.34'.Spectral class: MB.Magnitude: 0.98 VariableSuggested orb: 1 deg. approx.Planetary nature: Mar-Jup

ALDEBARAN Oculus TauriConstellation: Alpha TaurusLongitude 1900: 08GEM23.Longitude 2000: 09GEM47.Declination 1900: +16.18'.Declination 2000: +16.31'.Right ascension: 04h35m.Latitude: -05.28'.Spectral class: KM.Magnitude: 0.85 Variable.Suggested orb: 1 deg. approx.Planetary nature: Mars

FOMALHAUTConstellation: Alpha Piscis AustrinusLongitude 1900: 02PIS27.Longitude 2000: 03PIS52.Declination 1900: -30.09'.Declination 2000: -29.38'.Right ascension: 22h57m.Latitude: -21.08'.Spectral class: A2.Magnitude: 1.16.Suggested orb: 1 deg. approx.Planetary nature: Ven-Mer

REGULUS Cor Leonis, KalbConstellation: Alpha LeoLongitude 1900: 28LEO26.Longitude 2000: 29LEO50.Declination 1900: +12.27'.Declination 2000: +11.58'.Right ascension: 10h08m.Latitude: +00.27'.Spectral class: B7.Magnitude: 1.35 .Suggested orb: 1 deg. approx.Planetary nature: Mar-Jup
Source -

The technical information given above may be confusing but it is given to show that these are the four brightest stars in the Belt of the Zodiac. They form an almost equal arm cross within the circle of the Zodiac. This, in my opinion, is the source of the ancient equal arm cross in a circle motif / sacred geometry found on various ancient temples in Ireland. The link above is to the best Stars info source on the net. Its info is based on the oldest source we have, Arabic. Today, i.e. 2006 - these four archangel stars have moved from where they were 5,000 years ago to the following positions �
Antares, 10* Sag. (Fire Sign and called Uriel in the Catholic tradition)
Alderbran 10* Gem. (Air Sign and called Michael in the Catholic tradition)
Fomalhaut 4* Pis (Water Sign and called Gabriel in the Catholic tradition)
Regulus 30* Leo (Fire Sign# and called Raphael in the Catholic tradition)
# = It is of great importance to know that Regulus will move completely into Virgo, an Earth Sign at the end of 2012. We will have the Four Archangel Stars in the Four Elements again and this will bring some harmony back to this Planet.

I am suggesting that the Awen symbol is a static two dimensional graphic of a constantly spinning vortex that is so big and beyond our limited comprehension that a graphic of a 2D spiral or 3D vortex gives us only possibility of comprehension.
But when we visualise a constantly spinning vortex (tornado) as a living geometry basis for life we move away from sterile abstractions into direct communication with the eternally creative force of Love.

Astrology is about knowledge of the Stars and Planets. Basically, there is a ring of Stars we call the Belt of the Zodiac that surrounds our Solar system. In this 'Belt' there are four very bright Stars. They are not fixed when we see over thousands of years.
Uni - versal Astro - logy means the Single Curve Knowledge of the Stars and Planets that shine. There is constant change and the Awen symbol can only reflect this in a 2 dimensional way. The 3 dimensional way shows this as a tornado shape. But living geometry visualisations reveal this vortex (or tornado) is always moving - - - -
Because of this I suggest that the Awen symbol is a simple model of the Vortex shape which is never static but always moving - - - -
This is the process of creation that I understand to be Love.
ps - all the big hard to understand words are Arabic, Roman and Greek.

Regulus moving into Virgo in Dec 2012 is of great importance to all of humanity. The Mayan system of time is based on it as the end-time. As I tell the moonthly Druid gatherings on the Full Moon "Ritual of Protection" on Tara - this brilliant star was known as the "King" maker but when it moves completely into Virgo it will become the "Queen" maker and at the same time it will complete the balance of four Archangel stars in the Four Elements of Fire, Air, Water and Earth once again. A herald of the return of Galactic Day - I reckon....
My wish - May the movement of Regulus into Virgo trigger the acknowledgement of the Goddess once more.

The 12 Astrology signs in the Belt of the Zodiac are but an agreed convention. There were 13 signs at one time (Arachnid - the Spider I think). The problem is that they (the signs) do not actually occupy an exact 30* each. Scorpio for instance occupies only 6 or 7 degrees. Other signs contain more than 30*. I would suggest that it is not possible to fit the stars into man-made boxes.

The Vortex. Gyre, 3D spiral, Tornado. All are names for a shape that describes the movement of life force energy in the uni-verse. Not the energy - the movement of the energy. There are male and female versions of this dynamic. The Phi ratio describes it beautifully. A single falling raindrop must move in a vortexian motion. Leaves on a branch grow up a stem in a vortexian path to the Sun.

Michelangelo wrote extensively and drew many versions of this dynamic - even drawing the footsteps of a woman to show the vortex in linear motion. But the human female womb is the most incredible vortex of them all. It is the gateway for incarnating souls. When we cognise the vortex in Nature and we gain awareness of the womb in Women as the same magic expressed in the Goddess we regain a powerful respect for all women. Visualise a 2D graphic of the womb and see the central line of acceptance and delivery, look now to the left and right and see the tubes from the ovaries as the two outer lines and you may see the Awen symbol. This womb is also a tornado from which we gain physical incarnation by expulsion. Yin.
Yin and Yang together create Love.

The logo for Ireland�s Druidschool is my attempt to display the living energies of the Vortex as the �source� and the two divining rods as tools to �divine�. Ireland�s Druidschool logo has a motto � �Divine Source� this is truth and guidance and focus.
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