Feedback on our Celtic Wedding Handfasting
Hand Fasting benefits from an Astrological Compatibility Love Chart to show the challenges and gifts the couple will have to work with. The idea here is of prevention instead of cure and taking this step is an expression of a desire to work together through life's challenges as a team/couple.

Below is some feedback from a senior couple who had a Celtic Druids Blessing (handfasting).

We had a Celtic Druid Ceremony performed by Con and Niamh on the 21-03-05 at the Spring Equinox. The handfasting that they did was a beautiful ceremony. We chose Kippure Woods. The sacred fire was lit by Con and tended by Niamh who were both dressed in authentic clothing of our Gaelic ancestors.
The vows we took were deeply meaningful as we made them by the Sun and Moon in the presence of the God and Goddess. Soft black and white linen ribbons tied our hands together while family and friends looked on. They had already decorated the place with ribbons and beautiful flowers. For those who do not want the usual legal tie-up this is an ideal option that we both recommend. A piece of advice to all who seek this blessing � make sure to have the compatibility horoscope done by Con in advance.
Marie and John.

Below is a comment from a mother regarding her son's handfasting -

Dear Con & Niamh,

I just wanted to say Thank-You again for performing the Celtic Wedding and Handfasting Ceremony for Matt and Jo on Middsummer's Day, Thursday 21st June at 5 p.m.
My husband Keith, and I and everyone we spoke to afterwards were very moved by the ceremony and really felt as though we had taken part of it and were not just observers.
It was made extra special when our beloved family and friends who have passed on were mentioned during the ceremony.
The vows and blessings used during the ceremony were really special and to be able to call our individual names out just made everyone in the room feel privileged to be a part of it all.
I do hope that the rain didn't interfere with the celebrations back on Tara too much and that everything went according to your traditions.
I will watch out for a report on the web-site of the Celebration of the Tara Pilgrimage.

Again - Thank You, Karen Redhead

And another from a couple -
Hi Con and Naimh,

Our apologies in taking time to write our greetings and thanks for Midsummer. We had a fantastic day with you and our families. We all want to toast you both for giving us such as special handfasting!

The hand fasting ceremony and our Vows impressed and delighted our family, the beautiful words and the intent behind them was enjoyed by all. The personal and humanist meanings were obvious to all and I think that all of our family have a new perspective and understanding of us, our shared pagan path and most importantly our love and commitments to each other.
This was the perfect ritual and celebration to begin our handfasted life together, as druids, partners, friends and lovers.

I also wanted to report our magical successes from the day. Robin (my best man) sent love and light to his friend John during the Midsummer ritual on the Hill and we were all overjoyed to hear that John had a period of 3 weeks without a day off work (which is amazing, as his rheumatism is severe.)

Our family received very good news in that Derry ( Jo's Grandma) had been wrongly diagnosed with a malignant tumor in her brain and had actually suffered a series of strokes. Although still serious, a fantastic blessing none the less. We received this news of the tumour-mistake the day after the ceremony whilst on Tara! Our handfasting gifts were bountiful and we offer our thanks to you both and your grove.

In my heightened state of consciousness on midsummer I was over awed by the poem recital that the Chief Poet orated for me, but embarrassingly cant remember the fellas name. Would you be kind and remind me of it so I can honor him by name when I tell the story of our handfasting. (Answer by Con - 85 years old Jimmy Fagan)

Snip - personal details - snip

love and light,

Matt & Jo.

And from two lovely Ladies who celebrated their love with friends and family with a handfasting ceremony -
"We celebrated our handfasting in May 2009. After finding Con's services on the Internet, and recognising him from Tara, we contacted him to discuss whether he would be interested in presiding over a commitment ceremony for us. Con was welcoming and respectful from the start. We met him in Roscommon before agreeing to engage his services and meeting him there convinced us that we had found the right person to conduct this most intimate and meaningful of ceremonies. The ceromony he has developed as a basic outline is thoughtful and beautiful. We asked to change very little of it, even though Con was clear that we were free to tailor it to our own needs. The preparation, the ceremony itself and the follow up afterwards were a pleasure and we have no hesitation in recommending Con to any couple who might be considering making a commitment in this way. Clare & Aisling, Dublin."

All the best to yourself and Niamh,
Clare and Aisling
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