Beltine 06 Report
by Con Connor Ard Dru� leis an Doire Geallach Doracha, Eire (the Dark Moon Grove of Ireland�s Druidschool)

The first group of three arrived about 5ish in a light drizzle of misty rain. We went to the cafe / shop and browsed a bit at the goods on sale and then into the cafe for the famous soup that we love so much. We were disappointed as the cafe had been so busy all day that they only had carrot cake and coffee and hot chocolate left to offer. We ate and drank what was available without moaning and left to go to the jeep when we met the first of the members. We put on our cloaks, mantles and wool ponchos and headed up to the hill in the continuing drizzle.

�A soft day� is what we Irish call constant drizzle in comparison to a day of heavy rain, which we call �a wet day�. The place we went to is a very unusual spot on the top of the hill that is mostly missed by the majority of visitors. The location is at the top of the Banqueting Hall, north of the Rath of the Synods at the northwest corner of the church graveyard. This is where we hold our monthly sacred fire, an open and free �Ritual of Protection� on the Full Moon. There is a gravel patch that I often thank the authorities for but in fact this gravel patch is to allow Ambulances to have full access to the 100 acres of state held land that is the top of the Hill of Tara. A line of thorn trees end at this point and it was here we sat in semi wind and rain shelter beside and on a Alder and Thorn that have twisted around each other in a strange form of cross species mating.

Two heavily protected couples went by with their faces hidden beneath their rain hoods. Visibility reduced to about 400 yards and the wind softened but the drizzle continued.

Another member arrived in full wax cotton jacket and shared a recent and terrific story of a �vision� at Sliabh na Callighe (Loughcrew / Hill of the Witches). She has promised to write this up and it will be on the website ASAP. I had my own �vision� of the same activity on a different monument many years ago and I shared a short version of that day with the group. Another member arrived with hood up and gave handshakes all round.

Now, two of our so far gathered group went to get the two fire boxes and the bags of sacred wood and the two blowlamps. Three more people arrived with another member and the two fireboxes were set up and prepared for firing. Now I must explain that the type of firebox we use is a cast iron potbelly on legs, one of which sits in a round inset steel basin and the other that sits on a square oven tray. We do this to prevent heat damage to the potential modern magnetic seeing that Archaeologists are using to �see� beneath the ground. The under tray also catches any fallen embers. I have been lighting sacred fires on Tara since Samhain 03 and never leave any trace of our activities. Because the firebox is small and can be carried by one person we can and do have private fires in many places never leaving any �evidence� to annoy authorities or private landowners. As this was Beltine we lit two fires, one was fired by a female Dru� and the other by my 14-year-old son. Even with the constant drizzle there was a regular wind from the south and the two fire spirits began to dance at the same time. More people had arrived and others would join us later making 16 in our group. I called a circle and explained the significance of Beltine to the Gaelic Ancestors and to us today as a Ritual of Purification at the start of summer. Full details at Celtic Druid�s Beltine

Even with the wind and rain our little group held the space and we did our Ceremony in our native tongue. We called to Bile and Danu to be with us at the start of summer. We walked in a circle around the two fires and then I lead us into a figure of eight - snakelike - first in one direction weaving between the two fires and then in the other direction. Interweaving in double spirals that went with the sun and against the sun for five minutes (guess) - all the time encouraging our group to let go of things that no longer serve them, release shadows, worries and apprehensions and prepare for the bright half of the year. Then we went back into a circle and went around the two fires as a ring. I gave the rest of the ceremony and at the close we hunkered down touching the ground releasing any overcharge to Edain Echraidhe, An Gabhra, an Bandia Ceilteach (the name of the White Mare, Gaelic Celtic Horse Goddess of Tara).

Now with the actual ceremony finished you might imagine that our group would disperse because of the still constant wind and rain but this was not so - we (without instruction) just formed into two groups of eight persons around each sacred fire warming hands and chatting freely, laughing and commenting on the quality of our various rain coverings as ornamental or functional. You would swear it wasn�t raining at all. It was realised that we were standing in the pattern of infinity an 8 shape, just as we had walked between and around the two fires. A blonde Scottish Lady came over to the fire I was at and told me she had been with us two years ago and that she was very happy to be with us again at Beltine on Tara. Plans for an initiative to expose the Opus Dei training institute in Tara�s high upland valley were discussed because their one hour talk on Tara has now become a full day event with the senior members of the state financed Discovery Team presenting papers, but not talking about the proposed forced double troll road by agreement.
See Opus Dei lecture on Tara for the proposed �last talk� on the stream and valley that is sacred to the Celtic Goddess. The scale of corruption is so big it�s very difficult to imagine - the Opus Dei people are even having this conference supported by the Heritage Council. The Lismullin Institute in Tara Vall is the main conference and training centre for Opus Dei in Ireland. Other articles on my website show the disappearance of the fifth road to Tara - the Gold Road. Please see Opus Dei and the Gold Road at Tara for more on this. Perhaps the nice people at Opus Dei think it is a great magic trick to erase the ancient Gold Road to Tara and replace it with a double troll road. Perhaps they are about to be exposed.

When the two fires had finished their dance and the embers fully turned to ash, the last five of our group returned with our kit to the car park. Hugs all around and with the outer wet layers removed we went our separate paths. With my partner and son, I headed to the nearest chip shop for a warm �spice burger and chips for three�. It always tastes better when you have skipped the 6pm meal and stood in the rain for hours. With warm food in our bellies we soon heated up and gave thanks that it was such a soft day after all...
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