Druidschool re-location, Aug 06
Druidschool moves to Ros Com�in

30 August 06

Ireland�s Druidschool has begun to move to its new home in County Roscommon. This short essay and the images attached hope to share the sense of adventure and progress at our new home. Our �farm� has 16.5 acres / 6.67 hectares, is over 400 feet / 122 metres above sea level and is on a south facing slope. Two small streams from springs cross our land and we have a spring well of our very own, that is as old as the house. The land is semi derelict for about 20 years with rushes and reeds everywhere to waist height, blackberry brambles just coming into fruiting all along the ditches, many broadleaf trees, giant gorse, massive broom and the three types of shamrock and the heather is mostly purple. We have seen many wild animals - big hare, fox, badger, small groups of wild deer, a stoat and a friendly robin who all have their home on the farm. As we are well off the main highway with our own private �avenue� of 400 metres from the single lane public road we are beginning to adjust to the quiet, which is actually the sound of Nature / Mother Earth. When there is no cloud - the night sky is a firmament of sparkling stars that seem too many to count.

The first image is half of our 3-room stone built cottage. It seems to be made entirely from dampness. Our research so far tells us that this cottage could be over 200 years old. The small pile of hand cut turf in the image will be burned in our mobile home (not shown) through the winter of 06 / 07. The small blue hut is the kennel for Gus, our dog (shown later).
Our first work has been about cleaning the house and attic, the cowsheds and byre / manger. We then set about hand trimming the wild growth on the �avenue� - this is a kind of training the bushes to become shrubs / trees that grow up and not out in to the way of our jeep. But the real big work began with the removal of a huge pile of earth and rocks from behind the house that was supporting the dampness and this �removal� is being used to create the Ceremonial Enclosure we call the Torc. The Torc will be our outdoor dedicated ceremonial enclosure as it is remote, peaceful and totaly private. Our farm extends to the pine forest in the background of this image below.
Our first visitor to the Torc is this adult Frog. I was standing in the centre of the Torc Enclosure just being quiet in my heart and head seeking �something� or a �sign� that my intentions to have a Ceremonial Enclosure at this location was right when in comes this big Frog. He came from the south and took three jumps towards me while I watched him. He just sat there and I looked at him and said Hi. I see such visitors as Ambassadors of the Realm of Water and took his presence as a very positive sign indeed. I took three pictures but only one of them is useable - it is shown below.
Niamh and Gus then joined me inside the Torc and to my surprise the Frog was completely invisible to Gus who usually sniffs everything and if unsure he usually paws things first. He could not (or did not want to) see this Frog. Niamh did and smiled agreeing that this was a positive sign for the correct location of the ceremonial enclosure. Gus climbed up on top of the high bank of the Torc and gave us a proud pose.
We have moved from the first stages of clean up into the first stages of construction and because of this my time will now be split between Dublin and Roscommon. As a further consequence of this I have placed the following notice on the homepage of Ireland�s Druidschool website -


Response Time
Apologies to correspondents who expect a quick reply - this is due to my being in Dublin less and less as I create the new Druidschool premises and accommodation in Roscommon. My order of response is Student Druids, Druidschool members and then casual callers. Replies may take up to a week or more on occasion. More information on our new premises late 2006.
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