Nov 06 Truth - The measure of a Celtic Druid
by Con Connor Samhain 06

Imagine that Truth is the new buds on the small branches of a big tree. Each bud shining with pure life force as the air, water and earth all combine to provide the nutrients needed for growth. Be aware that this is what happens when Nature is allowed freedom of expression - i.e. Truth. If you look long and hard enough you may gain this level of seeing.

Imagine that untruth is the Christmas lights on the symmetrical branches of a cloned Sitka Spruce all connected by twin core multi strand electric wire to a plug and socket that connects back to a nuclear energy or diesel power station. Be aware that this synthetic projection does not give Life.

Now imagine a third and virtual tree. It has many new different buds trying to express their truth. But it is kept indoors in a small website by someone who claims hereditary ownership of the seed. It can never get direct light from the Sun; it is never allowed even poisoned tap water. The air is never changed and a foul tinge would be tasted if one was to enter this dark religious dwelling.

My choice is to go outside to find the real tree to see the Light in the new buds on the end of every branch. Sometimes I will even feed a tree in the wild like a form of guerrilla arboriculture. I have met trees that have shielded people's homes from electromagnetic stress and I have been able to share this truth encouraging the 'owners' to feed and give thanks to the mature trees. At Samhain when the leaves begin to fall - you can find new buds just beginning to exist as an expression of the cycle of Death of the Old and Rebirth of the New.

I have planted many thousands of trees, a lot of them Sitka Spruce it is true, but I have also planted many native broadleaf trees in the wild all over this beautiful country called Ireland. I have sat with trees as friends and been enveloped in their calmness and endurance. I have harvested many trees and I take the offerings of dead branches for the sacred fires I light as a Celtic Druid. I recently gave a Scots Pine to the local community in support of their awareness march about suicide - other trees planted were since damaged but not this five-foot specimen.

Once, a few years ago as I wandered in the mountains, a small river magically called me to find a circle of mature oak trees. This Oak Grove beside a gushing river exists between two sets of fences of the landowners on either side. No-mans land or maybe Druids Land� One oak tree in this circle was rotten. I removed it. Beside the stump of the rotten tree I placed a tall granite standing stone to hold the energy of the almost perfect circle. Shortly after this the wild animals established their pathway across the oak circle. It was and is fantastic to see this harmony re-establish itself. But, first - the rotten dead tree had to be removed.

I inherited four mature rose bushes when I moved into my present home. I pruned the deadwood severely in the first year because of disease, green fly infestation and lack of flowers. My reward is huge clusters of sweet smelling bright roses, many of which I gave as a gift to my next-door bedridden neighbour. She could see them but she could not get out of bed to smell them and her blind husband was too grumpy to ask me for some. I just saw the abundance from my pruning of the dead wood and found I had surplus to share.

This is the way of Nature: new and fresh life force follows the removal of the old and sterile energies when we align with the highest order of things and we can enjoy natural abundance.

This is the Truth - a measure of a Celtic Druid.
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