Meaning of Pagan
from Latin paganus, meaning = "a country dweller" or "civilian" as given to us in It was a put down term used by Romans. I would suggest that no free Celt or non Roman ever refered to him / her self as Pagan because they probably never even heard the term expressed. The Romans had two class distinctions - Patrician (upper) and Plebian (lower) and out side this was Pagan (country dweller).

Today, Pagan means something new and this is expressed by many people in as many different ways as possible. This is opposite to �rule by a book�. Paganism is the term most used to describe those who profess and or practice some form of Earth Based Spirituality. Its original use was to denigrate those who were not aligned to the Roman Empire because it meant "country dweller" and this was seen as inferior to a �town dweller�. Today's politically corrupt equivalent is "tree hugger" and this is used to denigrate those who are not aligned with the "growth economy" that destroys our natural resources and ancient monuments as well as our special heritage and culture. Pagans today can be called 'tree huggers' because they love and respect trees and nature.

In the idea that �country dweller� is bad and �tree hugger� is bad we can see �who� is calling out the judgement - those who imagine themselves above others - the dominators. But, in the idea that �country dweller� is good and �tree hugger� is good we can see partnership with Nature and Source. To be here is to live outside the matrix with a new adventure every day.

Gaelic Pagan
If you were to walk a path beside a stream that leads to a river that feeds a great ocean - then let that Path be Gaelic, let the stream be Celtic and let the river be Galatic and the ocean be rhe Cosmic Tradition and may you enjoy every step of the dance of life.

Celtic Pagan Oath
Respecting Nature as Supreme Being - We honour the idea of Gods and Goddesses as the Source of all Creation. We celebrate the Gaelic Pagan Festivals on the cycles of the Sun and Moon. We acknowledge the inherent lifeforce in all things.
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