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Re - Government talks about the spiritual diversity of Ireland.

Can I ask that you pass this request on to the appropriate person please?

I read an article on Page 9 of the Irish Times (Jan 19th 07) which declared the Irish Government's intention of holding talks with various religious communities is meant to reflect the spiritual diversity of Ireland. I am a Pagan Celtic Druid and I wish to be invited to participate in this dialogue. I hold public ceremony 'as Gaelige', teach our native folklore and native traditions and have a working partnership with many state bodies with regard to protecting our unique culture and heritage.

Celtic Druidism is the native spiritual tradition of this Island, and our religious and spiritual practice honours the Old Gods at the ancient temples all over Ireland. Our practices are indigenous to the island predating other religions. There is much misinformation about the Pagan Community and in particular about Celtic Druidism in Ireland today. I have a desire to inform the media, public, and other faiths about our beliefs and culture. I wish to be included in this dialogue with the government and other faiths.

The Garda Siochana (on behalf of the State) have twice protected my Pagan Rights / Rites as a Druid to hold public ceremony - once at Br� na Boinne 22/12/06 where a Garda spokesman said to the Sunday Mirror: �we were there to make sure nobody disturbed the ceremony" full article at Thirteen Pagan Druids gathered to honour the old Gods at the old temples at Br� na Boinne / Newgrange for the Winter Sun Standing. The second time that the Garda Siochana (on behalf of the State) protected my Pagan Rights / Rites and that of other Celtic Druids to hold public ceremony was on the Full Moon at Tara on the 3/1/07. Eleven Pagan Druids gathered to honour the old Gods at the Hill of Tara. The Detective Unit at Navan Garda Station provided the protection for these Pagan Ceremonies on both occasions. There are many thousands of Pagans in Ireland today. Paganism is the indigenous spiritual tradition of this island.

Please pass this on or provide me with an appropriate contact name and address where I may make a formal request for inclusion in these talks.

Many thanks

Gr�, Solas agus G�ire,
Con Connor, Celtic Druid.

no response as of 23-1-07

Update 12 June 2011
I'm happy to say that I'm delighted that I never attended any of the pointless interfaith talks here in Ireland. Friends who have attended these talks say that they do not reflect ant sense of common ground between the established religions and free spirituality. I'm glad I did not waste my time with these EU funded talking shops. All grant aiding seeks to control the agenda and outcome - one can only wonder what that might be...
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