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This is a link to an openwire discussion forum that seeks to have Paganism and Druidism included in Irish Sate dialogue with other faiths. The State declared its intention for these talks to reflect the spiritual diversity of Ireland but a government spokesperson has said - there are 'no plans at the moment' to include members of the Pagan community to the first structured talks between the State and various faith groups.

I wonder why this is? I encourage Irish Pagans to post on Indymedia sharing their story.

The various faiths invited include - the main churches (it is assumed that every reader of the Irish Times knows the names of the 'main' churches), Presbyterian, Methodist, Baptist, Lutheran and Moravian churches. Also invited are - the Religious Society of Friends, Jehovah's Witnesses, the Salvation Army, the Greek Orthodox, Russian Orthodox, Coptic Orthodox and Romanian Orthodox Churches, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, the Jewish Representative Council of Ireland, the Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland, the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha's of the Republic of Ireland, the Irish Council of Churches, and the Humanist Association of Ireland. But no Pagans or Druids..... no native spiritual traditions of Eiru are to be invited....

The indigenous spiritual tradition of this island is known as Paganism and Druidism - both are Celtic traditions and predate the above 'faiths' by thousands of years. I encourage all Pagans to post on the above link to support the inclusion of the native traditions of Paganism and Druidism in the talks.

I must make the following absolutely clear -
I, Con Connor, have asked the State to include me as a Pagan Celtic Druid in these talks. I do not represent Pagans or Druids in Ireland. I represent myself, my Grove, my Dru� Dalta� and the 1000+ members of Ireland's Druidschool in some ways but I am not above any of these people. I am not the person in charge of Pagans or Druids in Ireland or anywhere. I am not in a religion. I am not a priest, minister or in between any Pagans or Druids and the Source / God / Goddess.

I use the following code as a guide -
Love life, honour the gods, do no evil, practice bravery and seek wisdom.
My concern is with truth and the freedom to be myself.
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