On Imblog 2nd Feb 07
On Imblog 2nd Feb 07 with Gaelic Druids and friends, I held a noon ceremony to honour the Goddess shift from Hag to Maid at the Mound of the Hostages on Tara. Our ceremony while serious was great fun: most of the group chased the �old hag� around the Mound of the Hostages - shouting - Amach!, Amach!, Amach! (out, out, out) and the Druid (playing the role of the Goddess in shape shift mode) who started as bent over, with hair tied down, coat buttoned up and grumpy looking transformed into a bright fresh tall and slim maiden after she had been chased around the Cairn. The entire ceremony was in Gaelic and explained in English.
It was to be a very busy day/night for me. After our noon ceremony on Tara we had soup and panini�s at Tara Hall briefly chatting with Michael Maguire, the owner, and then we drove to Cork City boy! We could not dodge the Toll into Cork City as they confused me by their switching of signs and exits - so we ended up paying the second road tax.
The FECC Pagan Society in UCC had invited me to give a talk in the University and I offered �Nurturing Pagan Spirituality� as my topic. This was agreed and a genous expenses offer was appreciated. Last year I had given a talk on Tara for the FECC Pagan Society and I was delighted to be invited back to give a second talk on Imblog 2nd Feb 07.
Because of death threats to me and incitement to others to shoot me by Michael McGrath (see Fascism, Library tab) I had asked the Garda� to make a presence felt as a visual deterent around the college. I said that I did not need them inside the college. They said OK. I know the Garda in Dublin who is talking the Investigation faxed a request for protection to HQ in Cork Garda Station and I had agreed to follow this with a phone request. It looked good.
I should share that recent public ceremony by me had a Garda presence at Newgrange, 22-12-06 and Full Moon Fire Ceremony on Tara 3-1-07 because of the death threat assaults on me. I had asked for a visible presence at Imbolg noon ceremony on Tara 2-2-07 but I did not see any Garda� - they may have been in their car in the car park / they may not! I dont know.
When we got to Cork City, we went straight to the Quay Co-Op for their fantastic organic vegetarian food. As always the meal was tasty and filling in a relaxed setting. About 7:10 Paul arrived as planned - he is my contact for FECC Pagan Society UCC. He quickly told us that the University had cancelled the Lecture. He then gave me the pre-written expenses check- thank you. Paul is familiar with Michael McGrath and currently has a death threat hanging over him as well from the same man.
We worked it out as -
The Garda� dont go onto University grouds unless asked and transfeered the responsibility for my protection (while in UCC) to the authority in UCC. They, UCC, cancelled the Lecture because they choose to. My right to teach as given in
�(iii) Article 9 of The European Convention on Human Rights
1. Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief, in worship, teaching, practice and observance. � was not to be protected by the University of Cork City. They had no advance notice and perhaps I am not a real teacher in their eyes. No matter, we held our �Nurturing Pagan Spirituality� presentation and talk in an un-named (for security reasons) cafe....
This was fun too in its own strange way. Every so often the coffeee steam machine snarled like a hot dragon for a minute and everyone had to pause and wait for the semi quiet to return. My presentation was focused on rights for Pagans and problems with legislation and our constitution.
What I wanted in the second half of the talk was feedback - ideas from Cork Pagans. Sixteen of us sat for three hours and everyone had a contribution.
Away off to my secret hotel location for a pint in cognito with my partner. We slept a quiet night and woke to see a beautiful Imbolg Sunrise over Cork City. After a big breakfast - we drove to a friends house in North Cork where we stayed overnight. These friends are Bev and Del, two respected pagan elders who enjoyed the the story that I�ve just told because the know most of the player- even the sad little old man fascist who has issued many death threats to anyone who wont recognise him or Gina McGarry as anything but deluded.
My concern is with protecting my personal rights of freedom of assocaition. McGrath wants to kill me and has asked otherrs to shoot me and Paul. McGrath has also declared his wanting to execute Eileen. Hopefully his medical healing will begin soon but it wont stop him being prosecuted for his public death threats on three Pagans in Ireland, these death threats are current right now.
It was a very busy few days, especially for me as I like to take it easy. We had a good ceremony, a exciting talk and we sat with good friends. I hope that some of what I shared encourages some of the Pagans that I talked to into protecting their personal rights of freedom of assocaition.
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