A letter to the Irish Times 27-1-07

The Editor
The Irish Times
24-28 Tara Street,
Dublin 2.

Re: Pagan Exclusion.

I write in support of Mr. Con Connor to be included in the Government�s first structured talks between the various faith groups in Ireland to discuss areas of common interest ( Miriam Donohoe�s article 23.01.07).

If the State is to have a dialogue with the various faiths, most of which have their origins outside the state, including paganism, but does not want to include a recognised representative of the pagan community, which is the indigenous spiritual tradition of Ireland that dates back in excess of 5,000 years, then there is something terribly wrong.

Surely it is about time that the Irish civil servants and politicians realised that there are not only many pagans living in Ireland but thousands of others who want to reunite with their spiritual roots. This must be recognised by the Irish State. A recent census in the UK showed 1 in 12 claimed to be pagan.

As a 54 year old professional male, with a degree in Natural Science, having been brought up in the Christian tradition, I am proud to say that I am a pagan, as I have discovered in later years that this is the foundation of many of our younger religious traditions and their respective teachings.

Either we deal with the undeniable truth or this State and its proposed dialogue is a complete denial of our ancient traditions, which, as can be seen daily, is part of the �Tiger Irish Condition�.

Yours sincerely

Douglas Gordon B.A.mod
Natural Scientist
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