Copper Moon Eclipse 3-3-07
Pearl of the Sky

Wrapped in my cloak I sit with Blossom, my dog friend, in the bluey-silver lit-up garden, trees, bushes and fences are throwing shadows cast by the moon as she shines brightly, minutes before slowly-slowly the eclipse begins.

Some night birds are singing short little songs... the swoosh of an owl hunting nearby enters the quiet, a few bats flit silently around and the haunting sound of two swans crying out to one another, their wings seemingly creaking as they fly, as they change their resting place for the night.

Blossom sits and watches quietly, leaning against me she follows my eyes to look at the moon, distracted once in a while if she thinks she heard a mouse stir...........

The minutes go by, while I create my very own heart link to the group standing as I know now on Tara, gazing as I do at the moon and the count-less stars twinkling stronger as the moon is covered more and more by the earth's shadow.

I open my arms as the last little slice of pure white moon brightness is covered, willing the golden blanket I visualize in direction Tara, to form a golden globe of protection and healing over this sacred place, and for a split second I am there............

The moon is now hanging freely as it seems, not like the usual flat face we see but like a perfect orangey-grey coloured pearl hanging in the skies, connecting magically sea and sky for a few moments while I reach to weave an invisible thread between the two linking them with the land.... the energy is powerful.

The roundness is so clear one would want to touch it and try and pick it from the sky ! Not a sound to be heard.

I close with a blessing - Blossom and I walk through the now pitch-black garden, a last look at the star strewn skies, a deep breath of night air, then to bed, while the sun slowly moves on.............

Bearnairdin 3-3-07
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