Resurgence of Pagan Spirituality in Ireland

Our Government has recently begun Interfaith Talks with the various religions and non-religions in Ireland seeking to reflect the spiritual diversity of our country. As a Pagan Druid, practising our native spiritual tradition, I have asked for an invitation to these talks, but my request has been completely ignored by government officials. I phoned, emailed and faxed my request to John Kennedy in the Taoiseach's office. You cannot leave a phone message for Mr Kennedy and he does not respond to my emails or my requests by fax. One can only wonder why.

My spiritual beliefs are native to this land. My Grove and I celebrate the eight solar festivals and we hold open and free full moon ceremonies on Tara. We hold these public ceremonies 'as Gaeilge', teach our native folklore and traditions and have a working partnership with many state bodies with regard to the protection of our unique culture and heritage. I run Ireland's Druidschool, which has a Grove of 12 members, 45 student druids and over 1034 members in March 07. I facilitate many civil ceremonies such as baby naming and Celtic handfasting and passing over for the Pagan Community. I have links across Druidry, Wicca, Shamanism and Islam. Celtic Druidism honours the Old Gods at the ancient temples all over Ireland.

In the most recent census available for Ireland - 138,000 people declared as 'No Religion'. My student druids asked for advice on this and I told them I would mark 'No Religion' in the last census, as my spiritual path is not a religion. I would estimate that many thousands of Pagans in Ireland today keep quiet about it for obvious reasons. It is conceivable that many people just marked the census giving the religion of their parents. But there is a Pagan Community in Ireland. There is much misinformation about the Pagan Community and in particular about Celtic Druidism in Ireland today. I have a desire to inform the media, public, and other faiths about the beliefs, culture and Earth Based Spiritual practice of Pagans and Druids.

Why is our government ignoring the spiritual practice of Irish Druids and Pagans? Perhaps fear of the unknown made the Government deny my involvement. Maybe my openly declared desire to Save Tara Valley from its commercial destruction by a forced double toll road is unacceptable. Maybe the idea of Earth Based Spirituality that avoids any hierarchical structure or leader just does not fit in with some undeclared agenda.

It is my information that these talks are to be about the relationship between the secular state and interfaith bodies seeking to reflect the spiritual diversity of Ireland today. Our indigenous spiritual practice predates all others at these Interfaith Talks. I want to make a positive contribution to this Interfaith Group on behalf of Pagans and Druids in Ireland today. They can ignore my request to join these talks but they cannot stop me talking and they cannot stop the resurgence of Pagan Spirituality in Ireland today.

Update 12 June 2011
I'm happy to say that I'm delighted that I never attended any of the pointless interfaith talks here in Ireland. Friends who have attended these talks say that they do not reflect ant sense of common ground between the established religions and free spirituality. I'm glad I did not waste my time with these EU funded talking shops. All grant aiding seeks to control the agenda and outcome - one can only wonder what that might be...
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