Why I walk a Druid Path
Imagine you are suddenly on a survival journey in your own country, (i.e. you are beginning to wake up to exactly who and where you actually are and to where you are going) and you are sharpening your awareness because of potentially unknown dangers. All around you in this concrete jungle are the 'walking dead' (citizen robots) with their angry faces and aggressive driving and bad manners. There is excessive noise that most do not notice, the air is tinged with petrol and diesel fumes, the flashing neon signs pull your eyes this way and that way and people are hitting you with their shoulders as they rush to/from work/home - always in a hurry. In their eyes you see deep fear, on their brows you see tension knots and in their auras you see dark smudges and sharp spikes but very little Light.

You get on a bus and you see a photocopy of part of a page from a book stuck to the back of the seat in front of you. It reads - 'The hatred of the intellect, of pride, of courage, freedom of intellect, is Christian; the hatred of the senses, of the delights of the senses, of all delight, is Christian . . . the concepts of "the other world," "the last judgement," "the immortality of the soul," "soul" itself: they are torture instruments, they are the systems of cruelty by which the priests became masters'. Someone has written in biro on the lower part - Nietzsche, The Antichrist from The Heretic's Handbook of Quotations 1988, pg 177.

You read it twice more and get stuck on the bit about the "systems of cruelty" and then you see a huge Catholic Church appear proudly dominating the crossroads and you wonder why did they need to proudly frighten those they claim to serve with such huge imposing buildings covered with so many monstrous gargoyles.... Behind you, you can hear an over-loud radio through someone's earphones talking about "clerical abuse" and then the standard denials of senior Church officials and you wonder why does the journalist allow the wrong doings of priests to be referred to as "clerical abuse" when you know that this implies actual abuse of learned men as if it was the learned men who were abused and not the priests who did/do the abusing...

As your bus moves on through the traffic you look at the faces of everyone who is close enough for you to see their eyes - you are intently seeking someone who is smiling or happy or free of fear. You look for a long time at many faces but you only see sadness and fear, despair, loneliness. You hear your higher self suggest that "for the Christians - this is actually Hell, but they do not know it". Your bus continues on its journey, you realise your shoulders have slouched forward producing a hump high on your back, you realise that there is a frown on your forehead, that your breathing has gone shallow and slow and that you are becoming infected by the prevailing negativity of the city people. You give yourself a shake, rub a hand across your forehead, put your shoulders back and take a deep breath - you begin to regain your inner balance and you deliberately put a smile on your face as you realise that to be able to see as you just have, means that you are above it, you are only visually visiting and that you are not trapped. Closing your eyes, you take another deep breath generating that inner glow and relax as you return your body to positive harmony. Your destination bus stop appears, you say 'thank you' to the bus driver but he has earphones and is privately listening to "bang, bang, bang" music. He does not notice you.

A short brisk walk circulates your blood and speeds up your breathing; you are walking tall and proud with a focus on where you are going. Your mind goes to the topic of the lecture you are about to attend - "Why I walk a Druid Path" and you wonder if you are on that Path sometimes. You arrive at the place for the lecture feeling fresh and hopeful, glad to see the location is right beside a public park with lots of trees and bushes as you realise that the traffic hum has become muted and the tang has almost gone from the air, there are no neon flashing signs - you know that this is suburbia and not city. Your knock on the door is quickly answered by a smile and you are warmly greeted. You hear yourself saying that that is the first real smile (i.e. lips and eyes) that you have seen all day. You are just in time and after taking your seat the lecturer and the topic are introduced. No questions until after the talk and no visual slide show, just the sharing of some ideas about "Why I walk a Druid Path". You take out your small notepad and biro.

When the lecture is over and you are in a buzz with ideas but cannot get your thoughts together into the question you feel should be asked - you hear someone else ask it for you. You look over to that person and feel a mind link. As your gaze lands on the person who captured and verbalised your question you can see many people also looking at the same person with a warm smile on their faces. You miss the first part of the answer and then you realign your focus as you hear - "self-actualisation and then from that God realisation and expression". You don't think - you just write frantically to capture the essence of the lecture. Suddenly, the talk is over, the lights are on full and tea and biscuits appear. You try to find the one who asked your question but cant. You want to stand near the lecturer but there is a circle of people making this difficult. You smile and nod to people as you make your way out the front door and then you walk to the bus stop.

You replay parts of the lecture inside your head. You can hear the replay and your own thoughts / links to concepts over the replay as you hop and skip from one part of the evening to the other. Your bus arrives, a deadpan face on the same bus driver with earphones still listening to the "bang, bang, bang" music. He does not look you in the eye as you pay your money and get your ticket. It is night time now and the vibe of the city has changed. Now it is not 'worker robots' scurrying to work - it is now 'party animals' dressed up and seeking drugs and drink to numb the pain of being a 'worker robot' by day.... but still they don't smile. The bus is much faster on the way home, its almost empty and there is very little traffic - it is like the bus is sailing on a magic carpet. Your mind goes back to the lecture but you can't keep a focus on any one part of it. It was inspiring - it made you feel good as the whole lecture made sense when you were listening to it. But you knew you would have great difficulty trying to share that 'knowing' with others, as you don't yet own the knowledge.

When you woke up the next morning - the first thing you wanted was to be connected to the 'knowing' again. You reached into your coat and withdrew your notepad. Your notes surprised and disappointed you because you thought you had written so much more than was actually on the notepad. You read them again and again trying to re-hear what was said in each separate note. You sat up in bed and felt a panic and the sense of being lost because you could not fully connect. You lay back into the warm safety of the bed and your mind raced. You had to get up and go to the toilet, then you washed your hands and face and then you got back in to the bed. You sat up. You re-read your notes about what the lecturer said about what different people said (and did) as they walk their Paths. You wondered how often do I hold that balance?

Your notes -
Fear and oppression and total lack of freedom is commonplace
Church indoctrination for centuries has been imprinted genetically as conditioning
No God, No Master - Margaret Sanger
Magic acts primarily as a system of psychology
This is NLP or neuro-linguistic programming
Erase the old fear tapes and input new freedom tapes
Break out of the cage of socially conditioned ego
To walk as a Druid you must experience a rebirth of a new self
Make your heart overflow with Love and Light
Metaprogramming the human bio-computer - Dr John Lilly
Serial re-imprinting of our reality tunnel - Dr Timothy Leary
You can do it with Yoga - Terence McKenna
One way to wake up is to meditate in an Ashram for seven years
Or you could try Shamanic journeys with full sexual release and proper entheogens
There is no God but Man, Every man and every Woman is a Star - Aleister Crowley
A God without a Goddess would be unbalanced and lonely
A Goddess without a God would be unbalanced and just as lonely
A man has to find his inner female and a Woman has to find her inner male
All connections to the Divine come from the harmonised mind that contains them
Celtic Druidism is the ancient spiritual tradition of Ireland
It roots lie in the oldest temples in this island where Druids honour Sun and Moon cycles
To be in your centre is to achieve a balance between thinking and intuiting
It is only in your centre that you can discover and express your magical higher self
Being in this balance means being in the godlike awareness we call the 'Witness'
The modern Celtic Druid holds his/her awareness or 'Witness' turned on and in balance
Druidism is a spiritual path to gaining and holding inner Light and expressing your higher self
Walking this path is only possible by being balanced and this means being in your centre
This path does not lead anywhere but as a Celtic Druid you have to walk it all the time
True Druids seek self actualisation and then from that - God realisation and expression
This approach is the one that makes me happiest - and this is why I walk a Druid Path

Con Connor
April 2007
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