Ritual of Protection - a poem from a Lightworker who can see
Darkness unveiled.

To the sound of a rattle.
I slip into non-reality.
Travelling through tunnels of possibilities,
I find myself at Tara, between the Fairy tree and the great Horse Chestnut.
I approach the Horse Chestnut.
Leaping from branch to branch I ascend the tree.
As I reach to top, I leap & transform into a great Eagle.
Freed from gravity, I soar on the winds.
I observe all below.
I am drawn to a gravel path.
A scared spot, a place of power.
A series of spirals are formed out of flickering candle light on the path.
I land on the gravel path.
I reach down and touch the Earth.
I begin to peel away the earth to the four directions.
As I work, rays of light begin to emerge.
Finally a great light is revealed, so bright it could engulf you.
Images fill my mind.
Darkness & destruction around the light.
But the light is strong, powerful; it cannot/will not be dimmed.
People are drawn to the light, gathering in circle, giving strength to the light.
And in turn, they are strengthened by the light.
They carry the light within them, expanding the light beyond its source.
Renewing hope. Banishing darkness

From Red John - who has held the "Ritual of Protection" Ceremony with us many times on the Full Moon on Tara. In the poem above he is sharing his spirit journeying which affirms the magical work we do in service to be very real and true.
My thanks to Red John for his companionship and sharing.
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