Multi-layered, multifaceted web
Hiya my pagan companera/os and others
This is like a vision I've been carrying for some time waiting till I have the confidence, clarity, time and energy to let it out. I've found as I've been travelling I've missed those little rituals we share in the woods back there in Currabinny woods and Tara and Ringaskiddy and other places yet through the missing a closeness somehow grows and it's this that I'm interested in. Mayday I was walking the camino and it was wet and a bit miserable. I so missed the dancing in the streets in Cork that I really think is a very special tradition that we have all managed to create together despite all our flaws, and disagreements. Long may it last and may it get better and better.. Solstice I was (still am) at my folks place in the Thames Valley in england. it's quite a magical place, lots of trees, chalk downlands, protected, paradoxically I think by the relative affluence of the area and its historical closeness to the seat of empire, but perhaps by other things too. I'm bloody grateful for growing up here anyway.
Yeah, I did a ritual here on my own. Found an oak tree standing on the horizon and sat with my back against it watching the sun sink then I walked to these strange little labyrinths that someone (no-one seems to know who) made in the turf some years ago. I go there quite a bit when I'm over and wonder if one day I'll meet the builders. So I walked them mazes in and out, burning a candle and playing a whistle (My fiddle got damaged on my first day in Spain - Had to send it back to Beara to be fixed so I've been without it for some time now). Then I went to bed.
Anyway, and this is what I want to really share but I find with things of this nature there has to be a talking around the subject, a background, a lead in, a preparing of the ground. Well I did some divining at those mazes too and found a number of underground streams and other energies converging there and I want to go back and do some more of that and I got the sense that maybe you know of how these energies spread out and join and converge at special places, like the meridians on a human body in acupuncture, a web, a network over the body of the Earth, connecting the Earth to herself and us to the earth, we are all part of this multi-layered, multifaceted web right, though we also have our individuality and can move around within it separate ourselves from it even damage it if we choose and all our thoughts, feelings, visions, dreams ripple out through this web to join with and be changed by those of others and all combine to make the reality we experience.
When we meet to pray, do rituals or whatever isn't it that what we are doing is putting our own collective or individual vibrations and intentions into this web? Maybe that's enough, but it seems to me that just as the intention of one is enhanced when joined in concert with the intention of a group so the intention of a group is further enhanced when joined in concert with the intention of many groups, spread out across the land with an awareness of each other and the land that becomes like a huge musical instrument resonating with all of us and the different shades of meaning and intention and focus that we bring.
Writing this now it seems so damn obvious, like it's a part of me but often I don't have this level of awareness so I guess it's the same for others and perhaps by writing this I can bring that awareness a bit closer to consensus reality, for isn't this what the Earth needs, what we all need right now? On a material level to counter the effects of our own destructiveness clearly we need a concerted action so of course the same on the levels of intention, imagination, causality, which is where it all starts anyway.
I'd like it if in our rituals we did more to harmonise our intentions and to filter out the everyday stress and chatter and conflicts that we can't help but take on and if we spent time getting to know our landscape and other groups who are working at the same time, or even at different times seeing as time too may turn out to be an illusion so that we can reach out our awareness over it and tap into a combined energy to flow in towards the places and people that we know need help so that we really feel ourselves as a part of this magnificent glowing, multi-layered web of consciousness that can shift us into the space we need to be in..
Practically, perhaps we could spend more time grounding and meditating together, maybe choosing symbols or creating symbols together that contain the meanings we seek.
Perhaps we could be more mobile in our rituals, like pick a geographical area to explore and move about from festival to festival or moon to moon or even just make trips to other parts so that we learn how the land is, I feel the shape as being very important and powerful somehow. Like there are reasons the land is the shape it is and it gives clues to what underlies it and we can learn to read these and follow its pointers.
Perhaps we could choose to involve ouselves more actively in social movements that are happening around us (some of us already are) and lend our intention to support significant events, like protests, court cases, actions, meetings ,maybe working consciously with some people present at these events and others backing them up from a distance in a place of power.
I think we are already doing this to some extent, my intention in sharing this is to bring that out, make it more. If this makes sense to you please feel free to pass it on and I'd love to hear what ideas and thoughts this brings out in ye.
Love John
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