Lughnasa 07 at Rath Lugh
On Lughnasa, 3rd of August 2007, druid members of the Dark Moon Grove joined the Save Tara Valley Protesters on Rath Lugh. This is the main ceremonial enclosure in Tara Valley that looks over the Lismullen Henge and the HQ of Opus Dei. The building complex in the background is the HQ of Opus Dei in Ireland - but the newspapers and tv and radio never mention this fact! The brown earth shown in the lower half of the picture is the cutting for the forced M3 Troll Road. The picture was taken from the edge of Rath Lugh itself. See image below.
In the image below you can see the front line of protesters / Save Tara Valley Campaigners watching the destruction of the very mound they are standing on - Rath Lugh.The line of fence posts has been repeatedly moved by the road building contractors (breaking the law) and the Gardai keep pushing the protesters back behind this line of barbed wire.
To put things in perspective - the M3 forced double toll road was deliberately aimed at Rath Lugh to avoid being too near Opus Dei HQ at Lismullin. There is one field between Opus Dei HQ and the Henge (now to be destroyed by Ministerial Order) and that field has the remains of the Black Friars. So Opus Dei quietly pushed the M3 east and thereby the Henge was discovered. The fact that Rath Lugh was to be damaged may have been seen as a bonus by them as they do not care for our ancient Pagan culture. The now proposed destruction of the Henge is illegal because there is need for the EU laws regarding this monument to be upheld. Our corrupt government probably expect a fine for this destruction but they will pay this with a hidden smile as it is only taxpayer money anyway.
We had gathered here to hold our Lughnasa Ceremony on the very edge of Rath Lugh. The Save Tara Valley Campaigners / protesters have often joined us in ceremony. On this day the link between two rough earth tracks (outline for M3) was to join up at Rath Lugh. A lot of workers, two Garda� and just one earth mover. There was little we could do except to watch with binoculars and video cameras in case any new discoveries were made. It may be obvious but none of us trust the road builders, their archaeologists or the Garda� when it comes to protecting any new finds.
The two Garda� kept being nice and asking us to move back behind the fence. They were told that the fence keeps on being moved - they ignored this and just kept asking us to move back. Then the senior Garda approached me as the leader and asked me to move everyone back behind the wire. I said "I'm not in charge here". A lady protester broke ranks and ran down the hill towards the earth mover and a group of about 5 road builder surrounded her. They were laughing and pushing her back up the hill. I pointed and said to the Garda - "Look - those men are assaulting that woman". Out came his note book.... I said we are holding ceremony here on the edge of this national monument called Rath Lugh and you have a duty to protect this sacred site and our ceremony.
"How long will it take" he asked. I said "I dont know, what I have to say will only take a few minutes but everyone can speak at this ceremony". He walked away but he did not interfere with our ceremony.

We held our ceremony on the edge of Rath Lugh, about ten of us in circle, each spoke about their anguish and hopes for the eventual saving of the Valley of the White Mare. One lady stood out and read a poem that told strong truth and connected to the ancient ways and Gods. As she spoke a sun beam shone into a circle on the edge of Rath Lugh. Lugh is the best known Celtic god and Grainne is the Sun Goddess. This beam of Light from the Sun was a powerful sign of connectivity for all of us in circle.

It was when our ceremony had finished that the Garda re-appeared and produced his note book. He asked us all to leave or to go behind the wire. I was strong in my objection that he was not doing his duty towards national monuments and so on. Then he said those famous words the garda� love to say - "Whats the name" and he recorded my name and address in his little book. He even asked my date of birth. Mild intimidation....
Since this linking of the two parts of the earth road has happened - An Bord Planalla has given the go ahead for the destruction of the Henge at Lismullin. This is despite the fact that the EU has asked that it be stopped.

Who is really driving this outrageous destruction of our ancient Celtic and Gaelic Culture? Who has the best motive?
Who has their HQ hidden by the media in the Valley of the White Mare?
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