Druid Morainn and Truth
The following words are an important part of ancient Gaelic Druid knowledge. The truth as given by a wise Druid Morainn to a young king almost 2000 years ago is still relevant today.

Read, reflect and enjoy -

Let him magnify the truth, it will magnify him
Let him strengthen truth, it will strengthen him
Let him guard truth, it will guard him
Let him exalt truth, it will exalt him

For so long as he guards truth, good shall not fail him
and his rule shall not perish
For it is through the ruler's truth
that the great clans are goverened

Through the ruler's truth massive mortalities are
averted from men.
Through the ruler's truth mighty armies of invaders are
drawn back into enemy territory.

Through the ruler's truth every law is glorious and
every vessel full in his lands
Through the rulers's truth all the land is fruitful and
every child is born worthy.
Through the ruler's truth there is abundance of corn.

Darkness yields to light
Sorrow yields to joy
An oaf yields to a sage
A fool yields to a wise man
A serf yields to a free man
Inhospitality yields to hospitality
Niggardliness yields to generosity
Meaness yields to liberality
Impetuosity yields to composure
Turbulence yields to submission
A usurper yields to a true lord
Conflict yields to peace
Falsehood yields to justice.

Tell him, there are only four rulers: the true ruler and the wily ruler, the ruler of occupation with hosts, and the bull ruler.

The true ruler, in the first place, is moved towards every good thing, he smiles on the truth when he hears it, he exalts it when he sees it.

For he whom the living do not glorify with blessings is not a true ruler. The wily ruler defends borders and tribes, they yield their valuables and dues to him.

The ruler of occupation with hosts from outside; his forces turn away, they put off his needs, for a prosperous man does not turn outside.

The bull ruler strikes [and] is struck, wards off [and] is warded off, roots out [and] is rooted out, pursues [and] is pursued. Against him there is always bellowing with horns.
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