His story of the Irish Interfaith Talks
Oct 07
The Interfaith Talks are not open to the Pagan Religion or Druid Spirituality. There may not actually be a Pagan religion but the true facts are that such a new religion of the people is emerging. Over two years ago my good friends and mentors Bev and Del Richardson at Castle Pook, North Cork got a letter inviting them to join in the Interfaith talks. This letter is shown below in two parts.
This is an invitation to two declared Pagan Witches to attend the Irish Interfaith Talks. They did not go to these talks. Bev and Del have been very out in the open about their spirituality for a long time and they were saddened by what they read in the letter of invitation. They replied saying they would not attend and it faded out after that. Del wrote to me including the invite above and explained her and Bevs feelings in the letter below.
Now, Bev and Del have my respect for their free spirit and the open lives they lead, both are very magical and very spiritual persons but... they just did not have the inclination to deal with people who would write such un-spiritual letters - setting such a low tone to begin and using such loaded phrases such as "saints and scholars" or "once again punch above its weight" in a letter of invitation to Interfaith Talks. Simply put Bev and Del are far too happy to sit with the spiritually un-mature. They gave me the invite as a warning - don�t waste your time, stay away from such time-wasters, enjoy life instead and so on...

Perhaps they are right, I should not be bothered to sit with people who sustain the illusion of saints and scholars punching above their weight - maybe I should just walk barefoot on Tara, watch the Moon Rise and Set, the Sun Rise and Set and look at the fantastic shapes in the clouds, listen to the Birds and the Bees and watch the tide come in and go out. I am busy enough but perhaps some energetic person with immense patience may someday rise to the job and engage with the entrenched religions in their �interfaith talks�.

I have accordingly, decided not to be bothered with the Irish Interfaith Talks based on advice and observation. I will instead give what time the talks may have consumed to further nurture the re-emergence of Paganism and Druidism in Ireland.

Update 12 June 2011
I'm happy to say that I'm delighted that I never attended any of the pointless interfaith talks here in Ireland. Friends who have attended these talks say that they do not reflect ant sense of common ground between the established religions and free spirituality. I'm glad I did not waste my time with these EU funded talking shops. All grant aiding seeks to control the agenda and outcome - one can only wonder what that might be...
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