The Three SAMHAINS of 2007
The re-emergence of Pagan Spirituality in Ireland is getting stronger every year and this is most easily seen at Samhain around the end of October / early November. This Pagan re-emergence is balancing out the dissolution of the church of Rome in Ireland as it looses its grip on the hearts and souls of the ordinary people. The people have returned to the land and to the old Gods and Goddesses seeking a real connection to spirit without priestly intermediary. Everyone can have his or her own connection to the Source.

This year 2007, the Start of the Celtic New Year happens at about 10am Friday morning on the 9th of November. This is what we Druids call the Dark Moon of Samhain. We begin with a Water Ceremony at Tobar Tlachtga at 4pm where we offer a blessing to the old Druids Well. Then we go up the Hill of Ward (Bard) for our first Fire Ceremony of the day/night. Here we have two Lady Druids create a pure new flame at sunset on Tlachtga and we use this to light the first of three ceremonial fires.

Our second fire on the 9th of November is on Tara about 8ish where people are welcome to bring a candle in a lantern (jam jar) to take home their own new fire spirit for the Celtic New Year. At about 12 midnight the third fire on the 9th of November is on third sacred site at the Hill of the Witches / Sliabh na Callighe. Here we hold our third ceremony honouring the turning of the year. This is a fantastic triple fire at triple sacred sites ceremony and all Drui Daltai (Student Druids) are invited to attend all three ceremonies. The general public are invited and welcomed to our open ceremony at Tara at 8pm on the 9th of November.

But�there are two other Samhain ceremonies
1) Solar Samhain and
2) 2) Catholic Samhain / Halloween.

For us as Druid we honour the cycles of the Sun and Moon as the make their way around the Belt of the Zodiac. On the 9th of November at 10* of Scorpio we have an alignment that connects the star Antares through the Moon (dark) over the volcano at Lambay island up the passage at Cairn �L� onto the Quartz standing Stone inside the passage cairn to make our Dark Moon of Samhain start to the Celtic New Year. But we also have the Sun cycle on the 2nd of November at 10* of Scorpio when an alignment that connects the star Antares through the Sun over the volcano at Lambay island up the passage at Cairn �L� onto the Quartz standing Stone inside the passage cairn to make our Samhain start to the Solar New Year.

These two events are measured over alignments that are millions of miles long connecting the star Antares and the Moon over the volcano up a passage onto a Quartz standing stone and for the Sun the same alignment happens from the star Antares over the volcano onto the same Quartz standing stone. This is our ancestral measurement of time and we are empowered to acknowledge it and we do so.

The other �Samhain� is the catholic displacements of the two true Samhains as Halloween is measured by a calendar based on the churches attempt to compute time. This Halloween is always on the 31st of October and neatly disconnects the people from the ancestral knowledge of the stars and true cycles of time.

In 2007 there are many activities proposed for the celebration of Halloween. Most include outdoor fires and fireworks and dressing up and �trick or treat� and knocking on neighbours doors hoping for sweets / fruit / money�.

On Tara � the Vigil Group have a range of people centred events � more info at � these events include much for the young and harp music, fire dancers etc for later on in the evenings.

One group have decided to spend big money on a strobe light show, which is so far away from honouring the ancient tradition that it can only be seen as an affront to the true meaning of the magical time that we call the Celtic New Year. Such huge amounts of money could be better spent exposing the unconstitutional legislation that was used to force the M3 PPP Toll Road project through the sacred valley of the Royal City of Pagan Tara. One can only wonder what their true agenda actually is�

What will you do to honour the cycles of the Celtic New Year? Solar Samhain is on Friday the 2nd of November and the Dark Moon Samhain is on Friday the 9th of November - but most people do not know this as they are trapped in the illusion of false time as managed by the church of Rome. You could light a small fire outdoors on a tray using branches or twigs offered from hedges and trees or you could simply light a few candles in lanterns and just sit outside and watch the stars� Or you could join us on Tara at 8pm on Friday the 9th of November on the gravel patch about 50 paces behind the statue of the 18th century St Patrick � bring a candle and a lantern, bring something to let go off and bring a wish for the new year. Wear a blanket to keep warn and a smile to share with other like minded souls seeking connection to the ancestors and to true time. You will be welcome.
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