Celtic New Year LUNAR SAMHAIN 06 - 07
On Friday Nov 9th we celebrated the start of the Celtic New Year by triple ceremonies at triple sacred sites; Tlachtga, Tara and Sliabh na Callighe. We always start this great day of fire ceremony with a Blessing to Tobar Tlachtga also known as the Druids Well in the south side of the Hill of Tlachtga. This is near the village of Athboy about 7 miles west of Tara.
Blessing the well is a simple exercise - we hold bottles of water taken from other holy wells and just wish positivism or good feelings into the water - This is similar to any form of hands on healing - because that is exactly what we are doing. Then we sprinkle this blessed water into the well of the earth goddess Tobar Tlachtga just before sunset on the Dark Moon of Samhain. This water ceremony is a prelude to our triple fires ceremony at triple sacred sites.
This year we met the landowner Billy Farrell and secured a go-ahead to take care of the well - we had just finished our water ceremony and he appeared looking a bit put out. After a few minutes of chat he was comfortable with us and made his offer.
What a great start to a preliminary ceremony to mark the start of the Celtic New Year. We hope to team up with the local heritage group who I have met many times and fence and hedge the area around the well to secure it for the long term. We will also continue to hold ceremony here.

The following images are of our fire ceremony on the four ring ceremonial enclosure on the Hill of the Bard - also known in Gaelic as Cnoc Tlachtga.
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Not shown are images of the two ladies creating a new fire spirit just using sparks onto thistle down. This tiny fire is then transfered or given to the fire box and the new life begins to smoke and then the new flames begin their dance.

The last picture above is the taking of the flame to a candle which is then put inside a lantern and brought to Tara where we light our second fire on our second sacred site using that flame. We then take a second candle flame from the Tara fire to Sliabh na Callighe for our third fire on the third sacred site at 12 at night.

My thanks to Dave Gilroy who took the images above and sent them on to me. I had met Dave once before that evening of 9 Nov and that was on Catholic Samhain 07, also on Tlachtga. I had no intention to photograph our ceremony, but as Dave offered and seemed to be capable we just said OK and the result is the images above. Thanks Dave
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