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You can make contact with Druidschool by submitting your comments or questions or requests to us by sending an email to info @ druidschool dot com carefully selecting the best concept for the subject box. Directions on how to get to us here We are not open to casual visitors. We are not open to coach tours. All intending visitors must make prior arrangements with us as we may have students and or guests staying with us. Please also consider visiting our new website Druidschool has evolved from a group set up in 1993 to teach awareness of our spiritual heritage. Visits to sacred sites and holy wells, the old churches and to the temples of the Tuatha De Danann have inspired the current focus of teaching the Celtic Druid Path with Druidschool. We welcome all, there are no barriers to being a Celtic Druid today, many of our current students have come through the Wiccan and Shaman gateways, it is our hope that they may gain something special by walking the Path of the Celtic Druid.
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